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ROSNET LTD is a manufacturer of decorative and molding net for sausages and smoked products, mesh for culinary productions, net for bottles and many other applications.

The company was founded in St. Petersburg in 2000. Since the very beginning of our activity, we have taken a course towards the organization of modern high-tech production and active innovative activity. The result of this approach is the unconditional leadership of the company in the field of design and technology of grid application.

Elastic nets

Elastic nets are used for shaping and preforming pieces of meat and giving the original, attractive presentation of boiled, boiled-smoked and smoked whole-muscle products (meat and fish delicacies, rolls, hams, and sausage cheeses).

Colors: white, red, red-white and any others

The diameter of the mesh in the maximally stretched state: 80 - 300 mm
Number of cells in a circle: from 6 to 48
Type of grid "Classic": 4 loops between elastic bands
Type of grid "Extra": 3 loops between elastic bands
Type of grid "Micro": 2 loops between elastic bands
Thermal strength: + 125 ° C


Inelastic mesh 

Inelastic mesh is best used with polyamide casings. It forms on the sausage surface a characteristic relief, the severity of which depends on the degree of packing of the product. With natural fibrous shells, the mesh is pre-glued to the sausage casing.


Firmware for sausages


To expand the assortment, create an attractive appearance of products, our company produces "fibrous figured shells." We use as the source material the best shell in the world - "Walsroder" production of the German company "Case Tech". At the request of the customer, it is possible to produce a "fibrous shape shell" of any shape. This can be both traditional options, close to the classic look of the sausage loaf, and the most original and bold.


Grids for fish


Rolls can contain different types of fish. The combination of white and red fish species creates an unusually appetizing view on the cut. The product is inexpensive because of the use of inexpensive varieties of fish raw materials. And the cost of the grid is quite insignificant in the total costs of production.

Depending on the diameter of the product, 1000 meters of mesh will allow to produce from 1300 to 2200 kg of finished products.

The value of the roll is determined by the fact that it is a whole-muscle product, without bones and cartilage, natural - with minimal impact of processing technologies.
The grid easily attaches a regular cylindrical shape to the roll. Thanks to careful pressing the mesh allows you to make the product monolithic and at the same time more juicy and delicate - due to better moisture retention during smoking.

Nets for bottles


Choosing wine, cognac or whiskey, the buyer will certainly pay attention to the elegantly designed bottle, which can be a perfect gift for a true connoisseur.
Decorative nets "ROSNET" give an ordinary bottle of alcohol elegance and style.
We produce both universal nets for bottles and nets, made on the basis of specific customer requests.

A mesh for bottles will make the drink recognizable and original.

The design of the mesh is designed taking into account the shape and color of a particular bottle and the design of the label.

Decorating bottles with ROSNET net is a great way to make your alcoholic beverages even more attractive to consumers.


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